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Biochemical, yeast, cells, genes, and beyond.
Paving path to future life science research with advanced genetic technology
born out of yeast research.

Oriental Yeast's core technologies in biotechnology involve in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo with molecular biology or genetic technology as the foundation. Due to the company history in yeast we have made efforts to create current business on the technologies originated from research of yeast. Oriental Yeast is one of the major providers of high valued products and services to aid drug development and life science research in Japan and overseas.

In addition, our biochemicals such as recombinant enzymes, recombinant human proteins, coenzymes, substrates, and antibodies are used around the world as raw materials in manufacturing of diagnostic reagents. Furthermore, some of our coenzymes (cofactors) are used in manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) through biocatalysis.

Main Products and Contract Services

IVD reagent/research reagent

Recombinant enzyme
Coenzyme/cofactor (including NMN)
Recombinant protein (including cytokine)
Substrate (raw material for diagnostic reagent)

Yeast extract/peptone/culture media

Food testing/analysis service

Food allergen testing
Testing food for agrochemical residue and other contaminant

Contract service : support for developing new therapeutic drug

Custom culturing/custom antibody

Equipment for laboratory animal

ADME/Tox reagent

Zoo feed/Conract service for pet food production

Service Area Office Contact
North America
South America
OYC Americas, Inc. 2780 La Mirada Drive, Suite B, Vista, CA 92081, U.S.A.
Phone 1(760)-659-5943
Fax 1(760)-201-8950
Middle East
OYC EU B.V. Conradstraat 18 3013 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone 31(10)-4145-777
Fax 31(10)-2134-919
Southeast Asia
New Zealand
Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.
Bioindustry division    
3-6-10 Azusawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-8505, JAPAN
Phone 81(0)3-3968-1192
FAX 81-(0)3-39684863
India Oriental Yeast India Pvt. Ltd. 618, The Great Eastern Galleria Premises, Sector 4, Plot 20, Nerul (w), Navi Mumbai 400706, INDIA.
Phone 91(22)-27717107
Fax 91(22)-27717107