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Enjoying bread as art
Practicing baking as science through ingredients

Oriental Yeast Company was the first company in Japan to successfully mass-produce yeast for bread, and over these years we have significantly contributed in making bread a popular and a high quality food item in Japan. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to the food and bakery industry and thus invest significant resources to continually develop its ingredient related technologies. Oriental Yeast today supplies food ingredients listed below to a broad range of customers such as bakeries, confectionery makers and food companies.

As an industry leader, we are dedicated to becoming a part of our customers’ product development team. As a result we continually travel around the world to understand diverse food and bread cultures enabling us to combine such knowledge with our technical capabilities to conceive novel bread concepts for our customers.

Main Products

Bakers' yeast

Oriental Yeast offers more than 10 different bakers’ yeast strains to meet various baking requirements from low to high sugar bread and from traditional sponge dough to frozen dough methods. As we only manufacture fresh yeast it is not transportable to overseas markets and these products are currently available for the Japanese market only.

Dough improvers

Most of Oriental Yeast's dough improvers are customized for each customer’s requirements. Since a baking process has many variables we believe in adapting the dough conditioner to a particular baking process, environment and the bread attributes sought out rather than using a standard recipe regardless of the baking conditions, process and the bread attributes. Customization of dough improvers allows us to save costs in the long-run by using the optimum amount of ingredients while gaining the maximum quality improvement allowed by the ingredients, baking process and conditions.
Oiental Yeast has over 200 dough conditioners that could be modified to suit various requirements of our customers. Recognizing that there are some types of bread that undergo a standard process we offer several standard dough improvers for white toast breads.

Bakery fillings (flour paste)

Our bakery fillings come in both paste and sheet form to suit both artisanal bread and high volume bread production equipment. Available flavors include chocolate, custard, coffee, caramel, maple, green tea, various fruits, etc.

Kansui powder

Japanese Ramen noodle or sometimes known as Chinese noodle in Japan requires noodle improvers called Kansui. Noodles without Kansui tend to be too soft after cooking lowering the quality of the noodle. In order to keep the noodle firm (or al dente as known in the pasta industry) after cooking and better taste Kansui is added as a noodle improver in the dough. Oriental Yeast has been offering Kansui in Japan for many years and recently started to export it to China and South East Asia.

Fat-based products (butter cream)

Mayonnaise and other dressing

Delicatessen (cooking fillings)

Baking powder

Sour dough

Fermented liquid flavoring

Functional microbial ingredients

Dietary supplements

Shelf-life extenders and other products